Crown And Bridge (Fixed Teeth)

Crowns and Bridges are fixed prosthetic formulations. If your tooth has gone so diseased that mere dental filling may not suffice, then Crown can fix and shelter your teeth. So, it‟s like a cap on the tooth. However, a Bridge is used in the place of a lost teeth and it also uses adjacent teeth as anchors.

Dental Crowns

Crown is made to revamp a damaged original tooth and replaces a part or all of a natural crown. It is a tooth cap placed on top of tooth and thus, has to be custom-made to fit the patient in terms of color, length, and shape of the original tooth.

Crowns are needed for:

  • Strengthening and protecting teeth that are fractured, severely-damaged, or Root Canal treated.
  • Providing additional support for Dental Bridges.
  • Covering deformed or discolored teeth.
  • Replacing a whole of a missing tooth in conjunction with a Dental Implant.
  • Covering and protecting a tooth with considerable Dental Filling in cases where not much of tooth is left.

Dental Bridges

A Bridge replaces a missing tooth and joins permanently with adjacent teeth by forming a kind a „bridge‟. Thus, it restores the appearance of your face and smile. A bridge consists of a custom-made artificial tooth connected between two crowns that are permanently placed on healthy teeth on each side of the space.

A Dental Bridge helps in:

  • Replacing missing tooth/teeth.
  • Correcting bite problems that arise due to missing tooth/teeth.
  • Preventing the size-increase of the opposite tooth.
  • Preventing shifting and tilting of adjacent teeth, and thereby averting the need for their removal.
  • Preventing decay in tilted teeth.
  • Preventing gum diseases and TMJ disorders.
  • Inhibiting adverse pressure on dental ridge.
  • Speech correction.

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